Comfortable, agile, and efficient freight transportation services made for you

We gather, collect, and consolidate shipments for distribution as international forwarding agents. Additionally, we carry out all the necessary procedures for you, on your behalf, which makes the service even more convenient.

We organize the shipping and delivery with the best professionals in the field, reducing delivery times and making the whole process much more agile.

Everything is designed to optimize the space where your products travel, making it cost-effective and safe, and resulting in reliable and efficient shipments.

We meet the quality standards that define our company with attractive services such as ‘door-to-door’ delivery.

Do you need more? Your pocket will also thank you: you can benefit from adjusted rates since we coordinate multiple resources to find the best cost-service optimization.

Discover now the freight forwarding services by Maresa Logística!

Each shipment is different due to the characteristics of the products, the urgency, and the destination. Maresa Logística’s freight forwarding service takes into account all the factors involved to the last detail in order to offer you the service that best suits your needs.

Do you want to know more about our services? Our benefits will not disappoint you!