Off-shore services: A logistics platform where anything is possible

Maresa Logística offers a comprehensive platform of personalized services. There are three main areas: logistics, technical assistance and project management.


Your logistics provider that makes it all possible

Proven experience

We have a long history of working in the shipment of freight through a comprehensive logistics platform that combines excellent features. We provide you with experienced off-shore warehousing and logistics services to meet your most specific needs.

Shipments from A to Z

We are even able to ship drill pipes, propellers or Balance of Plant (BOP) systems. In short, essential machinery for the proper operation of an offshore platform regardless of its size and weight.

Special projects

Our off-shore logistics includes the management of special projects that require the transportation of large loads and haulage. The transportation of ships, cranes, large equipment, complex installations and construction sites are just a few examples of the special services that Maresa Logística can provide you with.

Advantages of Maresa Logística's off-shore services

Our integrated logistics platform provides you with multiple advantages:

Do you need off-shore services for your shipment? Our logistics platform is ready for you!