Most frequently used documents in shipping available for download.

Known shipper

According to the NSP (National Security Plan), in order to be able to ship goods by air, this declaration must be completed so you can be registered as a secure shipper. It is only necessary the first time an air transport operation is carried out with us.


For shipments of goods of no commercial value you can issue an invoice or complete this declaration, which is obligatory for personal effects.

Exemption from insurance for goods

When you have your own insurance policy, and you do not wish to use our company's policy, you must confirm this in writing so that no insurance premium is applied.


Incoterms are international rules for the interpretation of trade terms set by the International Chamber of Commerce. The word INCOTERM comes from the contraction of the English language: INternational COmmercial TERMs.

Types of maritime containers

Weight to volume equivalence for maritime groupage 1m3= 333 kilos. Capacities and weights are indicative and may be subject to change. Not all types of containers are available from shipping companies.

Types of air containers

Available according to flights, companies and type of aircraft. Please, check with the corresponding Maresa Logística delegation.