Maresa Logística is a company committed to sustainable and responsible growth. We want to develop a business model that, in addition to being responsible and efficient, contributes to the progress of society and adds value to all people and places involved in our activity.


We want to promote ethical management based on good governance practices, fulfilling these objectives:

To encourage the development of our human capital and promote an optimum working climate in all our workplaces and among our collaborators.

Establish formulas and promote training actions so our human team can develop professionally.

Respect the principles of equality of opportunities and diversity amongst workers.

To ensure that all our work centres are safe and healthy spaces, implementing preventive management systems in all workplaces to avoid accidents at work.

Monitor strict Human Rights Compliance according to international standards

To prevent and minimize the possible environmental impacts of our activity (energy, water, fuel consumption, etc.).

To reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, as well as noise, and other forms of pollution to optimize the use of natural resources and protect the environment.

To manage all the waste generated by our activity responsibly, to reduce or avoid the use of plastics in packaging and to avoid contamination with obsolete electrical or lighting equipment.