Road freight: Always available for any type of products

Maresa’s Road Freight service consists of complete overland logistics. Road Freight is easily adapted to a wide range of products with different characteristics to provide speedy delivery. We deliver your products to the destination even the same day they are picked up, depending on the service requested.

Road freight

We’re available 24 hours a day and throughout the whole year.

24-hour assistance the 365 days

A shipment may be needed at any time, that’s why Maresa Logística is at your disposal 24 hours a day and throughout the whole year. Once the shipment request is placed, we will contact you when necessary to inform you of any incident. You are able to check all the information about your request whenever you want.

Guaranteed delivery regardless of the weight and volume of your merchandise

Are your products too bulky or too heavy? There are no limits to Maresa’s Road Freight shipments. Regardless of its characteristics, your shipment will arrive at its destination in perfect conditions and within the established delivery time.

Advantages of Maresa Road Freight

The Economy Service stands out for its outstanding value for money and has a number of advantages that you can enjoy upon requesting it:

Ship your products with Maresa Logística!