Economy Service: Maximum optimization for low-cost shipping

With Maresa Logística you pay just for what you need. The Economy Service offers you the benefits of top-quality shipping at a low cost. How do we do it? We pay special attention to critical points of the whole delivery process and optimize all possible resources. This way, we can expedite your shipment at the best price.


Groupage and full-load with direct departures



Groupage and full containers for greater efficiency

Maresa Logística arranges groupage shipments from several customers to complete a single large capacity container. However, if your products require it, you can also make exclusive use of the container, choosing the storage method: on pallets or in loose packages.

This is a practice that greatly low-cost shipping, since we can send large goods at once, taking into account that the size of the containers can reach 45 feet and hold up to 24 American pallets or more, if they are euro-pallet size.

Door to door from mainland Spain to anywhere in the world

Maresa Logística offers you affordable shipping from the Iberian Peninsula to the Canary Islands. Additionally, we also make international shipments. And we do it by providing you with the greatest possible convenience through door-to-door shipping. We pick up the products where you indicate us and deliver them to the corresponding point to the recipient. As you can see, we connect the Canary Islands and other places with the peninsula without delays.

Returns with home-delivery throughout Spain

In case you need to return goods from the islands or any other part of the world, our return service includes delivery to a national address in Spain.

Advantages of Economy Service shipping from Maresa Logística

The Economy Service stands out for its outstanding value for money and has a number of advantages that you can enjoy upon requesting it:

The Economy Service is right for you if you want to make low-cost shipping while maintaining quality during shipment and delivery.