Temperature-controlled shipping service

Shipping at a specific constant temperature is easy with Maresa Logística. We provide temperature-controlled shipping in 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours, door to door, for all kinds of items, even those requiring the most demanding control, such as medicines and other pharmaceutical products. This service has the resources, professionals and protocols necessary to deliver your goods at the right temperature, as soon as possible and in the most convenient way for you.


Door to door, temperature-controlled shipments of all kinds of products.

In 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours. We adapt to your needs

Temperature controlled logistics

We have all the knowledge and resources needed to ensure controlled temperatures from pick-up to final delivery at the point of destination. We apply the quality system of Good Distribution Practices (GDP), specially designed for warehouses and distribution centers dedicated to medicines. In addition, we have the corresponding GDP certification, which is essential according to the internationally accepted Good Dispensing Practice (GDP) regulations.

Room temperature

Products that do not require a specific temperature range can also be transported by Maresa Logística. And, in any case, we take into account any factor that might affect the product, such as extreme weather conditions, so that the goods always arrive at their destination in optimum condition.

Tracking the temperature of your shipment

With Maresa Logística, you can access a temperature record of your products on our website. Our vehicles are equipped with temperature probes connected to the internet so that you can monitor the temperature throughout the trip.

Advantages of Maresa Logística's temperature-controlled shipping service

This service provides you with great advantages when making a shipment that requires temperature control:

Request now the shipping of temperature-controlled products with Maresa Logística and start enjoying its advantages.