Express shipping: Fast and personalized shipments

The Express Service is designed for those packages that need to be shipped quickly without neglecting the characteristics of their content. Thanks to this service offered by Maresa Logística you will be able to make an express shipment while receiving exclusive treatment, with no weight or volume limits. This means that no matter how heavy or large your shipment is, we make sure that it reaches its destination in an expedited manner, which means that it will be in the recipient’s hands within 48 hours.


The right balance between urgency and cost

Up to 48 hours


Express shipping adjusted to your needs

All the express shipments we make comply with a unique rule: They travel door to door. Our professionals pick up the package wherever it is and deliver it to the exact location you specify, regardless of its weight and dimensions. As you can see, Maresa Logística adjusts to your needs according to your individual requirements. To complete this service, we take care of customs clearance, among other features that make this service unique.

Perfect balance between speed and cost

Being fast in the door-to-door transport of goods is not enough. We believe that it is essential to adjust exactly to the specific needs of your express shipment. This way you can choose the ideal rate according to the characteristics of your package. Enjoy an express service while paying only for what you need!

Paperwork under control

The Maresa Logística Express Service includes all the paperwork you may need. So you can sleep soundly, knowing that your shipment meets all the necessary requirements for your products to pass through customs or be shipped as ocean freight if necessary. Moreover, counting on the protection of a reliable insurance policy.

Advantages of Maresa Logística’s express shipping

If you are looking for a fast, convenient and cost-effective shipment according to the package’s characteristics, the Express Service is for you. Remember that this service provides you with a series of important advantages:

Maresa Logística's Express Service provides you with a fast, comfortable, and reliable service at an adjusted price according to the weight of your shipment.