Maritime Freight: Adapted to your needs

Maresa Logística’s Maritime Freight service stands out for its high level of service customization. Among other aspects, we adapt the timings to the required shipping speed and, in all cases, we select the most suitable departure so that the recipient has the products in the shortest possible time. Besides, we operate regular sea Freight services and departures to our destinations. On the other hand, we operate a continuous island to island service in order to shorten times, with groupage and full container loads.


Regular and direct shipments.


Door-to-door services to the Balearic and the Canary Islands

Connecting the peninsula and the Spanish islands is one of our main strengths. For example, you can enjoy express shipping by sea to the Canary Islands, including home delivery. The maritime shipment leaves exactly from the point of departure you specify and is picked up by the recipient at the exact delivery address you have indicated. And all that in record time!

Full containers

Our maritime freight service offers different modalities, including Full Container Load (FCL), in which we fill a full container to expedite the journey and provide more economical shipments. We have containers of different sizes to adapt to your products. You are in control of the shipment modalities.


Each ocean freight groupage we carry out complies with a series of characteristics that guarantee an easy and safe shipment:

  • Regular, balanced and reliable service. We comply with rigorous quality standards.
  • All kinds of equipment and volumes. There is nothing we can’t deliver.
  • Comprehensive customs management. We take care of all the required paperwork.
  • Collection, transport, release, and delivery to destination. Maresa Logística is in control throughout the process, from start to finish.


Maresa Logística offers ocean freight beyond our borders, complying with all quality standards in the whole process, including door to door. We will deliver your package exactly where you needed, no matter the contents or the destination.

Advantages of the maritime transport of goods service by Maresa Logística

The maritime freight services from Maresa Logística include many advantages, some of which are particularly interesting:

Are you about to send or receive a shipment? Benefit from the customs paperwork service of Maresa Logística from the first minute