Courier service: Quality urgent shipment

The Courier Service offered by Maresa Logística consists of making urgent shipments accompanied by a set of unique services. This is a logistics service specially designed for those packages that cannot wait. Besides, our speedy delivery is paired with other essential features to offer a top-quality service. Yes, we also take care of those details, because a fast shipment must be made in the best possible conditions.


Maximum urgency, shipments that can’t wait

Up to 12 hours-delivery


Speed, comfort and freedom

Speed is the main feature of the Courier Service, with which you can enjoy immediate pick-up and delivery. In addition, one of the highlights of this urgent delivery is the “door-to-door” process for the total convenience of both the sender and the receiver of the package. Neither has to travel to a shipping or delivery point to ship or to pick up the product. All this on the day and at the time required. It’s up to you to decide where and when. All you have to do is contact Maresa Logística and request the Courier Service.

A fleet of light vehicles at your feet

How do we do it? The secret lies in having the best professionals who are aware of the importance of speed in urgent shipments. And, of course, being equipped with exclusive light vehicles for the most urgent deliveries that need immediate mobility. The priority of the Courier Service is that the shipment is delivered at the requested time and focused on excellence during the process.

Advantages of Maresa Logística’s urgent shipping

The Courier Service is ideal for you if you have an urgent shipment to make, as it includes important advantages that will not go unnoticed:

Time is money! Choose the Courier Service now and your package will be at the destination immediately.
Do you need an urgent shipment?