Logistics warehousing service: Exclusive space for your products

Maresa Logística offers you its own personal warehouse dedicated exclusively to the management, administration, storage, and delivery of your products. Thanks to this service you can have your own references, order forms and work procedures tailored to you. Our logistics warehouses are located in port areas and inside different airports, as well as in their vicinity. The facilities are tailored to the potential of the business in each area, with sizes that adapt to the region where they are located.


Exclusive space for your products

Logistics platforms at strategic points in Spain

Our own logistics warehouses are located in Madrid, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Alicante, Valencia, Palma, Seville, Malaga and Barcelona, among other cities. The Madrid platform in particular stands out for its 6000 square meters of temperature-controlled warehousing. And in Madrid as well as in Las Palmas and Tenerife we work with cold temperatures between 2 and 8ºC.

Custom picking, packing and labelling

We provide customized logistics services that include picking, packing and labeling. We prepare units, packs, batches, labeling and shelf-life labeling in a customized way, especially in the Las Palmas platform.

Real-time shipment tracking

Do you want to know where the cargo is once it has left the departure point? Maresa Logística offers you the possibility to know the exact status of your shipment from order to delivery. Tracking your shipment through our website is extremely simple and can be done at any time.

Full commercial management

We take care of the complete management of your shipments, from all the documentation related to stocks to real time inventories, invoicing, collections, refunds and delivery notes. This service includes the integration of file import systems so that you can easily download any document you need through the web.

Quality control of cargo, tracking and tracing

We take care of reverse logistics if necessary. In addition, we have First In, First Out (FIFO) warehouse management, essential to preserve the quality of the perishable stocks, as well as Last In, Fist Out (LIFO) management, to remove non-perishable goods last. Furthermore, the control of your order includes tracking and tracing of the items you send so that they can be located at all times.

Advantages of Maresa’s logistics warehousing

Having your own logistics warehouse includes several important advantages:

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