Special transports to fulfill big dreams

Some large projects involve the special transport of resources and materials that, due to their characteristics, require a high-level logistics treatment. Maresa Logística offers you this service complying with the highest quality standards. Special transports are included in our offshore service package, and they provide the possibility to move even the heaviest loads and carry out the most demanding haulage. We can move a ship, a crane, large equipment, complex installations and construction sites among other options.

All you have to do is tell us about your needs and Maresa Logística will put all its potential at your disposal.

Special transports

Required services to carry out customized projects from start to finish

Customized projects

We provide the required services to carry out customized projects from start to finish Maresa Logística takes care of everything necessary during the transportation: we obtain the necessary permits, resources and materials.

Complete flexibility in your special transport

In Maresa Logística’s special shipments service, there are no limits in terms of weight and volume. In addition, the shipping of large volumes becomes extremely simple and economical, as we offer you customized rates that are adjusted to the objective cost with no additional charge multiples.

Logistics support

A team of experts in the field will be at your disposal from the very first minute, ready to advise you and solve any doubts you may have during the process. We are experts in logistics regulations and sealing, as well as in any other matter relating to the transportation of freight.

Constant tracking of the shipment

Thanks to Maresa Logística you are always aware of the status of your shipment. You can track the exact location of your package online thanks to its geolocation.

Advantages of Maresa Logística's special shipments

If you have a big project at hand and you need to deliver out-of-the-ordinary packages, Maresa Logística’s special shipment service is the most suitable because of its crucial advantages:

Are you working on an important project? Big dreams can also come true. Start at the beginning by requesting the special shipment service by Maresa Logística.